How To Write Website Copy For Your Personal Brand Or Coaching Business: 10 Crucial Questions To Answer

One the the major issues I see clients face during the web design process is how to write website copy. I’ve worked on countless projects with entrepreneurs, small businesses and the self-employed and I can safely vouch for this. In fact creating copy is probably the biggest hurdle people face when it comes to making a personal brand website.

People building a personal brand business online often get writers block as soon as they think about how to write website copy. If you find yourself in this situation it’s easy to get frustrated or panic. This is understandable – having to put your vision down in concrete terms – words – can be daunting.

But don’t worry. The aim of website copy is actually quite simple – to convey a problem your audience face, and how you are uniquely able to solve it. This involves distilling the essence of your business, stripping away everything your work is about until you get to the crucial core of what you do.

Of course the homepage is the most important place to really get your copy right. It needs to be succinct and to the point. It needs to be clear and concise in how it illustrates your offer. Nail this and you’ll find the other pages follow. Answer these 10 questions and you’ll be well on the way to identifying the essence of your work, and creating copy that converts.

  1. How will you help your clients?
  2. What format will your work with clients take?
  3. How long will they have to work with you to get results?
  4. What gifts can you specifically offer them that will help them reach their goals?
  5. How will they be a different person after working with you?
  6. What skills/abilities/knowledge etc will they gain from working with you (and what might they be lacking that you can help with)?
  7. How will their personal and professional lives be better after working with you?
  8. How will other people perceive them differently after working with you?
  9. What unique traits will they gain after after working with you that will be appreciated by bosses, colleagues, influencers and recruiters?
  10. How have you already used what you are offering to better your own life or someone else’s life?

Once you’ve established the above, this great article will help you structure all this fantastic information into copy you can use. Once you’ve figured out how to write website copy you’ll find you’ve removed the greatest hurdle to going live with your website!

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