The Tennis Ball Brainwave Meditation: A Super Effective Wellness Hack For Digital Nomads

A brilliant wellness hack for reducing stress and looking after your poor neck and shoulders

Location independence is not without its ups and downs, that’s for sure. As digital nomads it’s important that we have tools and techniques available to us that assist in staying relaxed.

Another thing to watch out for is the detrimental impact of all that time spent hunched over laptops that so many of us face.

That’s why I love the following meditation hack so much.

The following trick is a current favourite of mine because it kills two birds with one stone.

It combines a super-charged meditation with a great self-massage. In the time it would normally take to do one, you can do both.

By now we all know meditation is good for you and there are tonnes of studies demonstrating how. And of course no-one needs to be convinced of the benefits of a good massage!

What you’ll need:

Two tennis balls
Brainwave entrainment meditation audio (I like this one, not an affiliate link btw)
Somewhere to lie down


Tennis balls are invaluable if you’re not in Thailand or Bali with access to quality affordable massage. To self massage with tennis balls, just lie down on your back and place them symmetrically on either side of your spine, your glutes (butt muscles), and your shoulders.

This technique is inspired by ‘trigger point’ massage. Try and locate areas that are a little painful under pressure, but that you can relax into with some deep breathing. You’ll find the initial twinge will recede as your muscle relaxes, and you’ll be moving more freely afterwards as a result.

Brainwave entrainment audio invokes brainwaves associated with relaxed states of mind. It’s a bit of a meditation shortcut, because it enables you to experience more profound states without the time it would normally take to reach them. As productivity-minded people we know that’s got to be good.

For this hack, lie down on a yoga mat or similar and listen to the meditation audio while using the tennis balls as described above.

You can move the balls around every few minutes, as feels good to you. Do not endure anything too painful, this is supposed to be relaxing! Find a sweet-spot that works for you.

If you’ve ever tried meditating before, you should find that the brainwave entrainment technique yields profound results more quickly. It might not be the purists’ way, but it sure does work and that’s what counts for me.

I use this technique to manage stress and to counter the tight neck muscles I’m prone to after a day in front of the screen. I hope you find it useful too! Of course both techniques are great on their own, but together they offered a turbo-charged wellness hack.

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