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Video; Why you should add it to your Listings

Enhancing buyer engagement on Nomadz is effortless with the addition of video content to your listings. You have the opportunity to showcase your items in greater detail by incorporating videos at no extra cost. Currently, videos are seamlessly integrated into the image gallery of your listings, accessible via the eBay app and mobile browser.

To include a video in your listing, you’re allowed one video per item, but you can utilize the same video across multiple listings, simplifying the process by uploading it just once. There are three methods to add videos:

1. Utilize the advanced listing tool within Seller Hub, selecting “Add video” from the Photos & Video section. Videos should be in .mp4 or .mov format, with a maximum size of 150MB or approximately one minute in duration. While the advanced listing tool is presently exclusive to Seller Hub users, it will soon be available to all users.

2. Seamlessly integrate with the Media API documentation to upload videos directly. Refer to our Managing videos documentation for detailed instructions on leveraging the Media API to upload and integrate videos into your listings.

3. Employ certain third-party providers to list items. Confirm with your provider regarding video support and instructions for uploading and incorporating videos into your listings.

Here are some tips for creating compelling videos:

- Showcase product instructions or how-to demonstrations.

- Provide installation guides, particularly for Parts & Accessories.

- Create DIY videos, such as woodworking projects or recipes using relevant equipment.

- Produce unboxing videos or visuals that elucidate item conditions, such as scuffs or imperfections.

Your product videos can significantly influence buyers, offering clarity and supplementary information. However, it’s crucial to maintain a detailed item description and accurate photos alongside your videos. Ideally, videos should be one minute or less and adhere to listing policies like any other content.

Upon uploading your video, it undergoes review and is typically posted within 48 hours. However, during peak periods, this process may extend up to seven business days. Videos must comply with site-specific language requirements and eBay policies. Once approved, buyers can view your video directly within the listing.

Please refer to our Images, videos, and text policy for comprehensive details on applicable guidelines and common reasons for video rejection. Remember that listings with variations do not support videos.



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